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Low-temperature anaerobic treatment
of municipal wastewater

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Carbon Benefits

98% Reduction in Green House Gas.

Economic Benefits

80% less operational energy required.

Process Benefits

96% less waste (sludge) produced.

Energy Benefits

BOD converted into high quality biogas.

AMBI-ROBIC®– Low-Temperature Anaerobic Wastewater Technology

Rapid, Modular and Offsite Deployment

AMBI-ROBIC®  Savings  vs ASP (m3 vs m3 )

Reduction in Waste Sludge Produced95%
Reduced Energy Input80%
Reduction in GHG Produced98%

AMBI-ROBIC® – Solution for WWTPsSummary of User Benefits

AMBI-ROBIC® – Benefits for WWTPs

  • Reduced GHG emissions – major step towards climate neutral, energy positive objectives
  • Highly energy efficient – 80% reduction in operational energy use
  • Reduced waste – 95% reduction in sludge produced
  • Renewable energy production using high quality biogas
  • Reduced TOTEX through less demand for sludge processing and disposal infrastructure and reduced operational costs.
  • Modular, flexible design predominantly passive process, interfaces with and supports existing nutrient removal infrastructure
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